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Upholding women's rights since 2015

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Uniting for Change

In a world where the voices of survivors often go unheard, the Solidarity with Women Against Violence Group emerges as a beacon of hope, aiming to break the silence surrounding domestic violence. Our nonprofit is dedicated to creating a community where survivors and allies can come together to share their stories, find support, and work collectively towards a future free from violence.

Why Solidarity Matters:

Domestic violence affects millions of lives, transcending boundaries of age, race, and socioeconomic status. It is a pervasive issue that demands collective action. The Solidarity with Women Against Violence Group is not just a social media group; it's a movement dedicated to fostering unity, empathy, and understanding.

Our Goals:

Create a Supportive Community:

We envision a space where survivors can connect, share their experiences, and find solace in knowing they are not alone. Allies are equally welcome to learn, support, and contribute to the cause.

Raise Awareness:

By sharing stories, resources, and information, we aim to raise awareness about the prevalence of domestic violence and challenge the societal norms that perpetuate it.

Advocate for Change:

The Solidarity with Women Against Violence Group is committed to advocating for policy changes, fostering education, and dismantling the structures that enable violence to persist.

How You Can Contribute:

Join the Group:

If you're passionate about ending domestic violence and believe in the power of solidarity, join our social media group today. Your presence can make a difference, offering support to those who need it and contributing to a culture of empathy and understanding.

Share Your Story:

Your voice is a powerful tool for change. By sharing your story, you inspire others to speak out and contribute to the collective strength of our community.

Spread the Word:

Help us reach more people by inviting friends, family, and colleagues to join the Solidarity with Women Against Violence Group. The more diverse our community, the stronger our impact.


Financial contributions play a crucial role in supporting survivors, raising awareness, and advocating for change. Your donation, no matter the size, helps us continue our mission.


The Solidarity with Women Against Violence Group is more than a social media group; it's a movement towards change. By joining forces, we can create a world where survivors are heard, where domestic violence is eradicated, and where solidarity triumphs over silence. Together, let's build a future free from violence. Join us today.

We understand that giving is a personal decision and we are honored that you are considering making a gift to Nyc domestic violence. The money donated will be used to support and enhance the development and implementation of various programs and workshops.

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